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Information Enclosed

The content and data presented in this website is intended for those utilizing products within the precast / prestressed industry and can be edited or changed at any time by right of ALP Supply. For best results, users should assess project requirements and needs before selecting products within the website.

Intellectual Property

ALP Supply®, ALP®, QuikLift®, Quik Clamp™, Quik Corbel™, Spiral Anchor®, Utility Lift™, Surface-Max®, Durashim®, Isoflex®, IsoSlide®, X-Cord®, X-Slide®, Neopads®, Stealth Connector®, Diamond Shim®, Tech Slot™ insert and all associated logos are trademarks of ALP Supply®. All product renderings are copyright ALP Supply®. Pending and approved patents are noted on individual product pages. All rights reserved.

Safety Guidelines

Products in this website should only be used by trained professionals; failure to do so may result in serious injury. Before using any product in this website, time should be taken to review all technical and safety information to ensure the safety of workers. If you are ever uncertain about a product or its application, please contact ALP Supply to speak with a Technical Service Rep.

Product Modification

ALP Supply reserves the right to make alterations to product information and/or design without prior notice to users.

Worn Materials

All items are prone to wear and tear which can affect product performance. Materials should be reviewed to determine if they are in proper condition for use/reuse.

Anchor Load

Capacity and usage varies drastically with lifting anchor types and sizes. All product information should be checked carefully to make sure the correct anchor is being properly used.

Impact Load

An experienced professional should always evaluate the method of lifting and transporting precast elements. The performance of lifting anchors can be affected by extreme impact and/or acceleration loads being transmitted to the lifting system during handling.

Do Not Modify

Products in this website should not be changed (i.e. modified or welded) from their original form. All products should be reviewed by a trained professional to determine effectiveness and disposed of if damaged in any way.


All rigging configurations should be carefully reviewed by an engineer before use. Improper rigging techniques can drastically increase loads applied to anchors.

Please be sure to follow safety guidelines in an effort to prevent any accidents or injuries from occurring.

For more information, please contact ALP Supply Technical Services at 800.332.7090 or tech@alpsupply.com.