Over 50 years of producing innovative
and quality products for the precast industry

Our History

ALP Supply® was founded over four decades ago by the late Albert Lester “Patt” Patterson with a goal to be the “Single Source Supplier” of concrete accessories for manufacturers of precast concrete products. Patt was one of the pioneering fathers of the prestressed industry and was the very first prestressed strand salesman in America. Working for Roebling Wire in the 1940s and 1950s, Patt helped cement the way, including the sale of the strand used for the first prestressed bridge in the country, the Walnut Lane Memorial Bridge in Philadelphia in 1950.

In 1982, Barry Fleck partnered with Patt to build upon his vision for the company. ALP has expanded our offering to the precast industry by manufacturing our core product lines, providing engineering support, developing custom solutions and strategically positioning multiple distribution points across the United States.

Dedication to Quality

At ALP Supply, we take the quality and safety of our steel products seriously and ensure that everything we produce meets the highest quality control and manufacturing standards. From raw material to finished product, our QC Experts rigorously test every item to meet or exceed industry standards.

Raw Material

We only source raw steel from our approved steel mill partners. Upon receipt of material, we meticulously verify the quality by cutting a small sample and testing for metallurgical analysis by completing a tensile test. After we confirm that the steel meets our standards, our staff assigns it a lot number, allowing for traceability.


Our manufacturing equipment is maintained and calibrated to ensure consistent production quality. ALP QC Experts then inspect the items for dimensional tolerances and test to ensure they meet the established capacities. Each part is marked with a lot number, randomly selected and checked for consistency.

Finished Product

Once production is complete, all products go through a strict quality control check before being delivered to our distribution centers. Additionally, our QC Experts perform ongoing random product inspections at our warehouse as a final step to ensure all items meet industry and ALP Supply’s quality standards.


Onsite Fabrication and Tech Support

ALP Domestic Fabrication and Manufacturing

Located in Pennsylvania, ALP Fabrication specializes in custom accessories specific to the precast and prestressed industries. Our domestic manufactured products include a variety of lifting anchors, connections, weld plates and bearing pads.

Access to Experts

Our Engineering and Technical Services Departments are available as a benefit to our customers. Our team of experts will work with your engineers to develop safe lift designs and select the proper lifting system. Additionally, our Engineering Department can design custom accessories if a stock product is not suitable for your project.

Our Leadership

Barry Fleck

Chairman of the Board

Christian Rescate

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Fleck

Vice President, Logistics

Dave Jablonsky

Executive Vice President

Chris Hindley

Vice President, Sales & Marketing