Lifting Hardware Compatibility

The ALP® Lift Pin™ and QuikLift® Systems are designed and manufactured so that all ALP brand products within each system are compatible. Users will often interchange lifting hardware, anchors, and recess members between different manufacturers within a lifting system. Users should be aware that not all lifting hardware or anchors are of equal quality, capacity, or durability. Due diligence should be taken when interchanging components of the ALP Lift Pin System or QuikLift System with components from different manufacturers.

ALP Supply recommends the following when evaluating compatibility between lifting systems:

  • Test fit lifting hardware into an anchor that is cast into concrete to verify that the lifting hardware does not bind up on the anchor and that the void created by the recess provides the proper dimensional form and fit.
  • Only use lifting hardware from a competent supplier who can provide certification and testing for each component manufactured. Each component should be marked with a lot number that is traceable to the appropriate test report.
  • The lifting hardware load range must meet or exceed the load capacity of the anchor. Lifting hardware load ranges vary by supplier, with some having a lower maximum load rating for similar hardware.
  • Verify that the rated and marked capacities of the lifting hardware meet or exceed OSHA 1926.704, that requires a 5 to 1 safety factor for a working load. The supplier shall be able to provide mechanical test reports upon request to confirm the lifting hardware maximum allowable capacity is achieved per each manufactured lot.
  • Lifting hardware requires periodic inspection, at a minimum once per year, as they wear over time from repeated use. Review all lifting hardware per the supplier inspection and maintenance guidelines. Should any part of the lifting hardware not meet supplier’s guideline requirements, hardware should be removed from service and discarded.

Contact ALP Technical Support to assist customers in the proper use of lifting and handling systems.