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Korolath® Shims - Standard and Horseshoe

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Korolath® Shims

Korolath® Shims are engineered, multipolymer plastic shims used to level, support or fill small gaps in most industrial and commercial applications. Shims can be used as a permanent or temporary spacer. When using shims for permanent support its eco-friendly material is resistant to rust and stains, will not decompose and is not affected by alkali, ground chemical and microorganisms.

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Various Thicknesses of Korolath Shims

Illustration of Korolath Horseshoe Shim around a bolt

Horseshoe Shims (Spacers)

Korolath Horseshoe Shims provide a slot allowing ease of fitting around bolts or objects. These shims are engineered from multipolymer plastic and most commonly used in vertical applications providing permanent support. Standard sizes are available or custom sizes, slots and holes can be ordered.

Custom Sizes

Custom sizes and shapes are available to meet specific project requirements. Contact Us to learn more or get a custom quote.

Standard Sizes

Standard size shims are 2’’ x 2”, 2” x 4”, 4” x 4” and 4” x 6” ranging in thicknesses of 1", 1/2", 1/4” 1/8”, and 1/16”.

Labeled illustrations of Korolath shins in available thicknesses

Common Applications for Shims:

  • Doors, frames and windows
  • Glulam (glue laminated timber)
  • Heavy equipment
  • Leveling floors, sheds and desks
  • Leveling machinery: presses, mills, etc
  • Marine applications
  • Structural steel
  • Stone panel cladding
  • Wall and roof panels
  • Stone flooring
  • Track alignment for dividers


Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Compressive Strength:
Up to 9,000 psi
Negligible Cold Flow Characteristics: 1% at 1,000 psi and 73° for 10,000 hrs
Coefficient of Linear Expansion: 5.0x10(-5)
Slow Burning, No Toxic Fumes

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