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Spiral Anchor for Double Tees

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Image of 7.5 and 9 ton Spiral Anchors

QUIKLIFT® Spiral Anchor ®

The QUIKLIFT® Spiral Anchor is designed for lifting of thin wall precast elements and double tees. The anchors are recessed, which eliminates job site costs of removal associated with strand lifters. The round bar also ensures a more even engagement of the ring clutch to the anchor in all loading directions (compared to square anchors). The Spiral Anchor uses standard QUIKLIFT® 8T-12T QL003 ring clutch. 

Impact resistant, even in freezing temperatures.


New Design. New Advantages.

Spiral thread and embedment depth provide the required concrete pull-out strength to meet the ultimate mechanical capacity of the anchor. The improved design allows the spiral anchor to be easily wet-set or pre-installed perpendicular or parallel to a concrete section, provided sufficient concrete cover meets design specifications.

Spiral Anchor with recess attached to an empty form.
QUIKLIFT Ring Clutch engaged to Spiral Anchor in Concrete
Cross Section of Spiral Anchor in Double Tee
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