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Nycon GFRP Rebar


Nycon® Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) offers tensile strength up to 199 ksi (1372MPa) and a tensile modulus up to 9,600 ksi (66 GPa). The fiberglass rebar is available in straight bars, bent bars, circular ties and continuous spirals offering complete flexibility during the design stage and accelerating the installation process. Our GFRP rebar is included in the CAN CSA S806, CAN CSA S06, AASHTO LRFD and ACI 440.1R-06.

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Click here to view a list of USA and Canada design codes and specifications.

Benefits of GFRP Rebar

Durability & corrosion resistance

Nycon GFRP rebar does not rust even in the most extreme environments. GFRP fiberglass rebar does not react to salt, typical roadway chemical products and the alkalinity of concrete. Structures exposed to de-icing salt, salt water or chemicals, will have significantly longer life-expectancy when using GFRP rebar from Nycon.

Uses: bridge decks, pavement, curbs, pier caps, abutments, sidewalks, barrier walls, sound barriers, airport runways, water treatment plants, sea walls, wave breakers, piers, jetties, parking garages, salt storage facilities, pools, industrial floors, desalination plants, grease interceptors, wastewater tanks


Depending on the grade and requirements, Nycon GFRP rebar can deliver more the three (3) times the tensile strength of steel rebar. It can reduce the amount of concrete needed by minimizing the required concrete cover.

Uses: insulated wall panels, manholes, pipes, retaining walls, box culverts, highway barriers, foundations, underground utility vaults, precast steps

Electromagnetic neutrality

Because the fiberglass rebar does not contain metal, it will not cause interference and is non-conducive when subjected to magnetic fields or when in the presence of sensitive electronic instruments or components. 

Uses: MRI maching pads, electronic/magnetic research facilities, electric junction box, switchyards, monorail tracks, steel recycling facilities

Easily cut

GFRP rebar is easily machined and cut. When placed as reinforcement, it will not damage concrete saws or boring machines. 

Uses: diaphram walls, drilled pile walls, formwork anchors, temporary structures


Compared to steel rebar, GFRP rebar is up to four (4) times lighter. The lighter weight of the fiberglass rebar reinforcing component delivers ease of use in the field, reduced installation time, less expensive transportation.


GFRP Rebar 
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