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Tubes & Sleeves

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Grout Tubes
Grout tubes are a blow molded, concrete void, typically used as a grouted shear connection between precast panels. When the panels are erected at the job site, grout tubes can be pre-filled with grout before setting the top panel. When optional grout ports are cast into the precast element, the ports can be used to pump the grout into the tube through the bottom hole. Grout tube and caps are sold separately, standard black color. Caps can be used for mounting to form and to prevent water and debris from filing up grout tubes in storage. Other colors made to order.

Column and Spandral Sleeves
Column and Spandrel sleeves are blow molded concrete void, designed for a bolt through-connection, typically used between columns and spandrels. Sleeves accommodate up to a 1” threaded-rod bolted connection and typically use a 2 ½” round washer. Sleeves come pre-marked in 1” increments for cutting to shorter lengths. Standard color is light gray color. Other colors made to order.
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